Highlights: Marlena&Grzegorz

Maciej Mikolajczyk: Ciechanow – a town, famous for its polish popstar Doda, also called a ‚queen’, in most cases only by herself, but it is still worth pointing out, I guess. However, Ciechanow is a intriguing town, with its broad promenade, cake shops with delicious treats and a place, simply amazing, named ‚Time for tea’. In fact,I was not inside it, because it was the time of the owner’s wedding, but I know and feel how it’s inside. It is as charming as the owner. She appreciates and understands the people and the world surrounding her. Well, I would not go on, in case you may think I am giving her a plug.
Dear Marlena and Grzegorz, I want to thank you for the great time shared with me. It means a lot for me.
By the way, I happened to be in Ciechanow once again, this time not because of a wedding. It was the Sunday afternoon when I went for a walk. I saw a man with two daughters and a dog. He said: – This is the place where I usually buys that delicious tea you girls drink.
At that very moment, I was sure it is exactly as I said.
The video realized by Maciej Mikolajczyk – franchisee of Just Married Video.
CHURCH: św. Józefa w Ciechanowie
WEDDING RECEPTION: Dalia w Chruszczewie
BAND: Zespół muzyczny Quatro
PHOTOGRAPHY: Zbigniew Świderski
MUSIC: Matt Beilis – Use somebody


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